The Wall Of Fame

This page is dedicated to the teachers of B.B Comer Memorial School and others in the Sylacauga community that went the extra mile in preparing  us for life's journey



Braxton Bragg Comer Memorial School Founders

Gov. Braxton Bragg Comer                           Mr. Hugh Comer

1848 ~ 1927                                                       




Mr. R.C. McCulley                                             Mrs. McGowen



Katherine "Cat" House

Assistant Teacher & Class  Sponsor



Coker Barton History/Coach                     Murrelle Dean  English



Ann Hare  English                           James Jernegan  F.F.A



Jewel Lackey  Math/Coach                   Pauline McCulley  Math



James McKelvey  Music                              Edwina Payne  Speech



Mamie Roberts  Math                        Ivy Weldon  Home Economics



Allene Woods  Librarian                                                 

(Background Picture) Miss Shultz  Typing   



Mrs. Quarles  Math                   Mrs. Stallings   Science



Mr. B. H.  Ford  F.F. A                         Mrs. Lavora Green  Secretary