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Our Alma Mater


Mignon School Class Of 1936





Mignon School Class Of 1936

Front row:   Maude Wyatt,  Inez Phurrough, Dorothy Beavers, Virginia Dark,
                 Kate Mae Jones. Wilfred Wideman, LillieBulger.

Second row:   Sara Carter,  Bernice Bush, Clalude Brown House, Frances Rice,
                     J. P. Creel (Supt), Grace  Holston, Charles Davenport, Margaret
                     Parks, M. B. Hagler.

Back Row:    Chester Baker, Marie Sprayberry, Louise Trussell, Sammy Pruitt,
                   Boykin McCaa, Eva Todd & Lloyd White




Mignon School Class Of 1936 50th Reunion

Front Row:   Bernice Bush Zeigler, Lillie Bulger Bivin, Inez Phurrough Craddock.

Second Row:  Marie Sprayberry Dark, Louise Trussell Hutchinson, Lillie Bulger Bivin,
                     Frances Rice Carter.

Back Row:   Lloyd White, Claude  Brown House, Chester Baker & Charles



The First Teachers Of Mignon School 1933


Class Of '33 Fiftieth Reunion

The First Graduating Class Of Mignon School. Picture Taken In 1983




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